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Tailored Investment services for institutional clients

Our decision-making processes are disciplined yet agile. For us, complexity is an opportunity, not an obstacle. We stand ready to execute transactions with the necessary speed but also robustness to secure top-quality real estate assets for our institutional clients. Our entrepreneurial mindset enables us to make well-considered decisions quickly and to seize investment opportunities at an early stage. While we act upon our convictions, we also continuously reflect on them to identify relevant risks and trends as they emerge and to proactively adapt to changing markets. Our basic investing principle is: we invest our clients’ capital in assets that offer tangible benefits for the current and future needs of their users, thereby providing the foundation for their business growth. We see this as the decisive factor in generating long-term superior returns for our clients

What makes us stand out?

For more than 55 years, an entrepreneurial mindset has been part of our DNA. Together with our institutional partners we invest in real estate where we are prepared and able to take on and manage the embedded risks. We regularly demonstrate this through our significant co-investments. Moreover, our vertically integrated platform allows us to actively manage assets over the entire life cycle of the property. In this way, we sustain and grow the value of these assets even in challenging environments.



We build bridges between institutional capital and active real estate management.

Thomas Kallenbrunnen // Managing Director

Our real estate funds

“Think European but invest in regional and local strengths” – that is our approach to regulated investment products. Depending upon the investment focus and objective, we structure and manage real estate alternative investment funds (AIFs), both open-end and closed-end, in close cooperation with our professional and semi-professional investor clients. The strategies are generally structured as institutional funds in Germany (Spezialfonds) or alternatively as Luxembourg funds.

Through our Article 8 funds (ESG strategy funds), we enable our clients to achieve their ESG objectives. We work together with proven and widely respected investment management companies (KVGs), custodian banks and financing partners.

Club deals

Club deals are term investments for a small group of institutional capital providers. They can be an ideal solution for investors who require an active governance model. With our long and successful track record, we provide our clients with expert advice on property selection and deal structuring. We also help to sustain and grow long-term value through active asset management services.

Separate accounts

Professional and semi-professional investors sometimes pursue special investment objectives and investment conditions. For maximum flexibility, we design customized investment solutions, including individual reporting, as part of individual mandates. In separate accounts, we take into account not only risk affinity and investment horizon, but also the respective requirements for ESG compliance and sustainability. 


Carolin Pfeffer
Carolin Pfeffer

Senior Business Development Manager

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