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GARBE Institutional Capital joins Madaster network as Innovation Partner

GARBE Institutional Capital has joined the Madaster network as a Madaster Innovation Partner. The investment manager and real estate developer is creating a new and transparent basis for important aspects of the circular economy to be included in its investment products and strategies.

The Madaster platform is a central digital registry of buildings and of the materials and products used in their construction. It provides access to current, readily accessible information about a registered building’s financial and circular value, as well as about the toxicity and reuse potential of its materials.

“In our real estate investment process for both new and existing properties, we have already firmly anchored the analysis of energy consumption,” explains Viktoria Richtsfeld, Investment and ESG Manager at GARBE Institutional Capital. “Through the transparency provided by this online registry, Madaster now allows us to assess the materials used in a building and their recycling potential. By joining the Madaster network, we wish to contribute to sustainability in the real estate sector by encouraging a circular economy."

“With GARBE Institutional Capital, we are gaining a renowned investment manager and real estate developer for our network who will support us in adapting our product even better to the needs of the market,” says Dr. Patrick Bergmann, Managing Director of Madaster Germany. “Step by step, we are working toward a solution that will meet the requirements of the entire real estate industry. I am very pleased about our new innovation partner.”

About Madaster
Madaster: the cadastre for materials. Madaster is the global online platform that enables the circular use of products and materials in the construction industry. Madaster provides property owners and other stakeholders with the ability to store, manage, enrich and share data about their properties. In addition to creating material passports of buildings, Madaster enables financial and circular assessments that support the management and disposal of properties and the reuse of materials and products. Waste is material without identity. Madaster gives materials an identity, making them infinitely available.


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